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López-Grullón is founded in the Dominican Republic in 2009, with the aim of providing efficient legal solutions according to changing times for individuals, national and international enterprises.

Our hallmark consists in relieving our Clients of their legal problems through foresighted advice, being our greatest added value the ability to avoid legal conflicts and to put at their disposal the appropriate legal tools in order to promote their businesses.

At López-Grullón, we are characterized by having solid values and strategic execution, which make our services more efficient for the benefit of our clients.

Our team’s goal is to act in accordance with an ethical professional practice, seeking to protect our clients’ integrity who entrust us with the solution of their problems, the execution of their projects, and consequently their image and the protection of their civil and constitutional rights.

Our daily work and the representation of our clients are carried out with a prior and constant strategic planning. For this we have developed a set of systems to implement the appropriate strategy for each litigation or legal project, as well as the tools to execute the chosen plan and review it whenever necessary. More specifically, prior to each legal action that we carry out on behalf of our clients, we strategically plan and evaluate the situation, environment and reality of each process (variables, risks, costs, time, objectives, among other factors), in order to choose between the different possibilities of action and tracing the path to follow towards the achievement of the objectives, always attached to the best interest and convenience of the client.

At López-Grullón we value the importance of maintaining and using the best communication channels with our clients. That is why, in each of the stages of the process, we use the appropriate tools that, according to the reality of each client, ensure their involvement with their case and accurate and timely information on its status.

We also fully employ the modern concept of preventive law, hence providing our clients with regular legal audits.

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